About the Book

An Interesting and valuable book which explores how to successfully achieves a reasonable state of happiness, throughout our lifetimes while managing the dire challenges we all are certain to face. As Woody Allen would said “It’s the shit happens phenomenon, it’s only a question of how much and when!”

The importance of laughter is captured, through descriptive narrative providing the reader with a “word picture”, and ability to share the many real life truly funny situations presented.

The book also addresses the most important question man can ask, namely; What’s It All About?, Why Are We Here? And Is There An After Life? Input from several of the most brilliant minds, past and present, along with indisputable scientific facts, regarding those questions, are cited for the reader’s consideration and personal evaluation.

About the Author


Mort Greer currently lives a happy age of 83, and is on his way to finishing his second book. He was previously employed by Verizon to spearhead all residential marketing activities of the company. After retirement, he founded a marketing consulting business which became successful in the communication industry. He currently lives in New York City with his family. When not writing, he enjoys quality time with his grandchildren, playing golf, and attending cultural activities in the Big Apple.



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